Printing In New Light

Why is it that in the age where humans have emerged towards the digital era that printing is still required? Printing no doubt is a process that simultaneously runs through the consciousness of humanity and will do so in the future to come. Printing is a process of hardbound proof of creativity and more than that printing is an art. Art that never fades in the time and evolves with its evolving distant visions

The Traces:

Printing is a process where text and images are produced on hardbound papers as the definition says, but it is more than that. Printing can be traced down to the time we humans started to record and restores writings and manuscripts of our great history. As we started printing it down on the woodblock, the woodblock printing finds its trails in China, somewhere around 220AD. Yes, it is that old of a process and still young as an art. The trails of printing then lead to the Renaissance era where Johannes Gutenberg started the Printing press around 1450. It was then, times changed and printing saw new rays. The printing press developed by Gutenberg was a faster and more durable way of printing. Hence Gutenberg himself and his printing press remained snowed in the history as we remember it.

The Art:

As stated above printing in the old era was a process but printing in today’s world is an art. An immersion of thoughts and wonders created within walls and rubber templated of a printing press. The modern age has seen printing in new hope where “OffSet” Printing has found its way tearing the limitations of printing. It is a transcend process where images and text from a plate are brought down to rubber blanket. An offset transfer moves the image to the printing surface. Offset itself means a transfer,( the images). Apart from the old printing techniques offset has the ability to produce in quantity and the technology in its soft hands carry the quality of a print. Offset printing is a widely used printing technique in the world as it is quick and durable than the old technique.

The Modernization of Art:

Printing as the olden days does not have the tender to appeal on a mass level, but the modernization has made it to one’s own personal level. The modern era has seen the printing of various products taking place and space themselves a trend in the market. Printing of coffee mugs for one’s personal use, t-shirts and pen have become a trend over time. The modernization witness new artistic reforms of designing taking place in printing. Printing as more developing towards the artistic aspect has seen it being more of a personalized thing than ever before. The days are gone when printing took place under the shadows of masses and now have new rises for personalized used. The online market growth of personalized printing has been seen. A whole new meaning of printing has been defined by the people themselves.

Printing and Mark-eting:


Printing has been a marking event in the field of marketing where many printed promotional tools are ought to be working in the scope of marketing. Printing helps marketing in every form of promotional activity. As printing is a cheap process of promotion big corporates too find it more flexible and on target for promotion. Printing products such as dangler and flyers work in a very cost-effective way for promotion. They are easy to print and creative designs wing the product. Wooden Trophies are also a good printing giveaway product for marketing. The printing grows branches to branches with new trends and styles. Printed Wrist Bands have also gained popularity in the market as well where different brands and even glow bands are being printed to work in uniting in marketing and promotion of a company or a product.

Printing and Environment:

Although printing has seen many reforms there have also been many drawbacks in environment-related responsibility. Companies tend to print many un-environmental things such as plastic printing. We know that plastic as a material takes centuries to decay completely. In fact of the knowledge about plastic these companies, make use of plastic printing. Printing in previous decades has seen a rise to this ill-environmental and purely commercial printing process, which lays a negative impact on the environment. By keeping all the facts in mind there are few companies that refuse to do this harm and keep printing alive the traditional way. The paper and paper substitute printing is always a recyclable material with no harm to the environment. People have been working more and more towards environmental protection in recent years which has led to a good effect on it.

Printing in New Light:

LimeX is a company in Japan has found a way to save the environment. Although Routine printing requires paper, meaning cutting down more trees to make it. Limex is a company that has developed a technique to make papers from LimeStone rather than brutally cutting down trees. The LimeX stands for Limestone and “X” stands for infinite products that can be made out of limestone not only paper. Limestone is freely available in nature and does not affect the environment. Printing is seeing new lights with Limestone product printing which is waterproof and one can even write on the printed paper underwater. It also works as a substitute for plastic. Working in this way LimeX has developed new lights for printing as an art, as a process and more importantly as an environmentalist activity working for a better earth

Printing with PrintStop:

Printstop works in ways where printing is more valued in art and more moral in the process. PrintStop is not only your one-stop print-shop but one who understands the importance of printing under environmental benefits and print products which are environment-friendly. Printstop offers various products and also see to it that the genesis of printing and the modernism of it is sub secured under the process. Printstop then to not only work under the environmental cautions but also to work along with the environment. PrintStops has all kinds of scope for printing whether it be for marketing or for more of a personal ended product, printstop does it all. PrintStop understands the modern human artistic perception work in a way to overcome the near future modernism. The world is the only best place we have, so lets print in a way to make it a better place to live.

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