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Why does PrintStop Recommend PDF Over Word for Printing?

Printing is vital in the corporate sector and whether you are dealing with files, valid documents, images, or IDs, you need to print them at some point in time. However printing directly from an MS Word or any MS file can be a headache at times with alignment and formatting issues. Here are some reasons why PrintStop recommends that you save the file in Portable Document Format (PDF) instead of Word for printing.

Printing Problems with Word

Here are some basic printing problems that people generally face:

  • Margins changing in Microsoft Word
  • Page Layout changing in Microsoft Excel
  • Autocad version not matching

Don’t forget the problems that companies without in-office printers face. If you go to print a Word document at a store, they might have different margins than you use in your office, causing the entire document to get messed up.

The list is endless but there is a very easy solution to all the above problems: Just convert your files to a PDF and get prints exactly as you see them on your screen. 

Using PDF for PrintingPDF


With PDFs, the layouts and margins won’t change so there’s no need to worry. Another advantage of PDF files is that you can print it from any software whether it is Word, Excel, Autocad, Tally, Coreldraw, etc. Also, the PDF files don’t have any change in indentation, fonts etc. and you will get your prints exactly the way you see them on your screen. What you see is literally what you get.

There are more reasons to use PDF including security, lower file size, ease of editing across devices (PC, Mac, mobile), and more. Even when legal reasons are concerned, PDF is the best file format. Read 10 Reasons to Use PDF  from Adobe, the PDF gurus to see for yourself. You can also take a look at our own article on the power of PDFs

You now know why you should change your documents to PDF. Now the question is “How do I do that?”

Here are four methods that you can follow to convert a Word Document into a PDF.

1. Save / Download as PDF before Printing

save as printing pdf word

Select the file you want to convert, click on “File” and select ‘download as’, you’ll get many options and one of them will be “PDF Document (.pdf)”. This is by far the easiest way to convert your files to PDF.

Or, type your file name and go to “Select Type”, select the type as PDF document. Another thing you can do is click directly on “File” and select “Export To PDF” option. That’s it, you’re ready to print.

2. Chrome Extension

chrome extension printing pdf word

Another option is to download the PDF Viewer Chrome extension. You can also share your files to Google Drive, follow the procedure and print later with exceptional quality. You need to have a PDF viewer to open the document. Most of the times your computer or laptop has a default PDF viewer, but you can also download it easily from Google Chrome. The most preferred one is Adobe Acrobat Reader or any of the above-mentioned Chrome extensions.

3. PDFCreator

pdf creator printing pdf word

Download and install PDFCreator. Installing PDFCreator adds a virtual PDF Printer to your computer. Now open the document and click on Print selecting PDFCreator as the printer. Select your preferred paper size, mode of paper (landscape, portrait). It will convert your files to PDF and ask you for your preferred location to save the files.

4. Google It

google search printing pdf word

You can use the search engine giant Google to look for online Word to PDF converters. There are hundreds of good ones that you can find online, with no downloading required. Use sample pages to test them out and select one which gives good results without asking for registration and does not inundate you with ads. Here are some of the great ones that we found:

So, just like that, your Word document has magically transformed into a PDF. It’s that simple!

PrintStop Printing and Design

So now you know why we recommend PDF instead of Word for printing. One more reason to use PDFs over Word is that we don’t allow the project design to be uploaded as a Word document. 

Speaking of which, look at the various products we design from logos to brochures to stationery. We also offer printing services for the aforementioned products along with business cards, posters, flyers, banners, and more. You can order them on our website and even customize them to your needs. Plus, high-quality and timely delivery are guaranteed, so get in touch with us now for more.


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