Developing Great Booklets

The Process of Developing Great Booklets

A booklet is a miniature book or a set of papers that are fastened and bound together. A sheet of paper within a booklet is also called a ‘leaf’. This is why booklets are also known as ‘leaflets’. ‘Pamphlets’ is yet another name given to them.

Before we begin, are you having trouble differentiating booklets from brochures and flyers? We hope not because we have informed you of the difference in a previous article. 

With that out of the way, it is time for us to talk about the processing of developing great booklets.


Booklets are usually rectangular in design. 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches is the most common size. Some magazines will use 8.5 x 11 inches, which is letter size. They may also be A4 on rare occasions. There are also square booklet as small as 4.75 inches x 4.75 inches.

It is rather easy to carry a booklet and the small ones actually fit in your pocket, similar to your smartphone. You can make this work to your benefit.   

As far as pages go, booklets usually range from around eight to sixteen pages in the total volume. This makes them easily digestible to the reader. Anything less is not informative enough and anything more will lose the attention of the audience.   

Cover Page

We’ve all heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but unfortunately, that is what people tend to do. You need an attractive and colourful cover page to draw people in. Be sure to have a clear, visible heading in bold along with images, if needed. Otherwise, you can have nice designs and shapes. Never have a white cover with only the title on it. A good booklet design is crucial. 


You can use a booklet to capture your business success story. They can also be handed out during your events with a schedule and brief information about the topic. Booklets can also be used as a guidebook or used in colleges as a rulebook. For example, you may have received booklet before a guest lecture.

They can also be statistical with analytical reports. Some authors make booklets where they will pick a side in a debate. Often times, the information isn’t enough for a novel or novella. Booklets are better suited for offering a lot of information and for sharing knowledge. They could be about a city, person, company or sports team.


Adding images to the booklet gives it a colourful flavour than just pages and pages of text. Of course, the images have to fit on the page. Alternatively, you can have the whole image on one page and the text on the opposite page.

There won’t be as many images in your booklet as on a flyer or poster, which is perfectly alright. Just make sure that the images you do add offer value to the booklet. Note that ‘images’ in this sense doesn’t necessarily mean pictures. You can also add graphs, charts, and tables when relevant.


Don’t add a lot of unnecessary content to the booklets because the pages are pretty small as is. You definitely don’t want to bore the reader. Although a booklet may look like a novel, its function is the opposite, as booklets lean more on the informational side. Even the story about how you formed your company shouldn’t be too flowery. Bullet points and numbered lists work great in this case.

The language you use should depend on the target audience and what you want to convey, with more focus on the informational aspect. Booklets usually aren’t used for advertising products and services as flyers and posters do this job much better. Don’t use your entire booklet as a sales pitch. You can add your personal details on the last page if you want.

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