#PSEmployeeGiftGuide – Best personalized gifts for your employee

Indeed, “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhartaa.

Employees work really hard to complete their daily tasks, meet the weekly goals, and monthly agendas. It becomes very difficult for them to stay motivated and productive all the time. And as we all know, employees are indispensable to the company, it is your responsibility to take a step forward and give them the recognition to their work and set a good precedent.

Research shows that corporate gifting is beneficial and employee gifts are worth an investment as it motivates them in longer run and helps the organization in employee retention.

Nonetheless, buying the old generic gifts may no longer have the desired impact. Organizations must express their appreciation in a unique way by giving personalized gifts. Personalized gifts is the best way of expressing gratitude to an employee. With easy customization you can create tailored gifts for your employees.
Looking for the right personalized employee appreciation gifts? We have got a bunch of options for you!

Photo frames

Even though we live in the digital world, where we are just a click away to capture our favorite moments, nothing beats the old school photo frames. If your team of employees has that one passionate photographer, who loves capturing moments, personalized photo frames as a gift, will be perfect for him. Let him frame his lovely moments and place it near his desk. It is about time your token of appreciation expresses how much valuable he is to the organization.

Coffee Mugs

Every office has that one coffee fanatic, someone who cannot resist coffee. Whether it is utilitarian or quirky, get that coffee lover employee fantastic custom coffee mugs as a gift. You can even print a customized message, their favorite quote, or their picture, on the coffee mug. As nothing is better than a perfect coffee in personalized coffee mugs to kick start a day. This gift will have a positive impact on your employee.

Personalized pens

There is nothing cooler than having stationery specially named after you. Customized pens not only have that undeniable aesthetic value but also show that you got an air of authority. For employees who use pens for more than just signing a paper, gifting an exclusive name graved pen can have a lasting impression. With our exclusive collection, let them add that spirit and flair to their writing.

Personalized  Notebooks

Many of us maintain a dairy, or at least note down a few important things that happen with us. Customized notebooks are so treasured, they covers your entire journey, and adds undiminishing value to a simple journal. To express gratitude to your employees who notes down their every task, emotion, and incident, giving custom printed notebooks would be the best gift.


It usually takes an umpteen amount of time to pick just the right gift for anyone. But if you notice their small habits, it will guide you better. If your organization has an employee who is particular about cleanliness, and dreads the sight of cold/ hot beverage resting on the polished wood, the one who runs to get a coaster, deserves to get a customized gift from you! Personalized coasters are lightweight, handy, and are a great gift when combined with mugs. With our exclusive collection, you can gift them customized, quirky, and beautiful coasters expressing your gratitude towards them.

Yoga Mats

Time to implement that company wide health policy with customized yoga mats. If your employee is a health freak and loves to do yoga? You can now make this yoga experience even more special for him/her by gifting our customized yoga mats. No matter what stage they are practicing at, a quality yoga mat that is customized as per their choices will definitely put a smile on their face.

Stationery box

Why gift one? When you can custom gift the entire stationery? Well, we all like cleanliness and organized desks, but in the hustle and bustle of our daily tasks, this becomes least of our concerns. We even misplace our stationery in the mess, in this scenario a customized stationery box will be the perfect gift. As an employer, you can custom gift your employees all the stationery they need to get through with their daily tasks.

Now since you have gone through your options, what are you waiting for? Let’s buy your employees some gifts they will cherish for life.

Browse through our amazing corporate customized gifts here. We believe we cannot put a price on your beloved one’s gifts, but we can definitely add value to it, with our exclusive collection of corporate gifts.

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