Sailing Through Tough Times – PrintStop’s Survival Guide

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.”
– H G Wells

Any normal business, in order to survive, has to adapt to the changing environment. However, the ongoing crisis has hastened the process. We are forced to relook at our businesses models.

Being in the printing industry, our primary endeavors take place on the print production floor. This was not possible while working from home. So, while our office team was working from home, the production had stopped. It made us re-strategize our business and formulate our new goal for 2020 – Survival.
To achieve that, we started by looking at new opportunities opened up by the lockdown, transformed the old ways of working and made frugality our mantra.

New Line of Products

With the prevalent lockdown, the demand for conventional printed products went down. But, it paved the way for a new range of products – Covid19 safety and signage. We rose to the occasion to grab the opportunity. Within a few days, our Covid19 products were live and we started delivering across India. We made 100+ ready to use designs in English, Hindi & Marathi. You can check our Covid19 products here.

The New Normal for Production Team

Gradually, as things started to get back to normal, we too decided to resume production. The problems were intimidating and safety was our biggest concern. However, our team was quick to take actions under the leadership of Jignesh Vakharia, GM – Operations. Stringent safety checks were put in place. The on-duty production team stays quarantined in office for 15 days and follows all safety rules. After that, a new team replaces them. No one from outside is allowed in the office. Whatever is produced, is picked up by the courier companies from outside our premises. All the necessary precautions like oxygen level monitoring, temperature checks, disinfection of premises and incoming material are taken care of.

The entire lockdown team stays together like one big joint family.

Frugal Innovation – Our New Mantra

We were poised to start the FY 2020-21 with lots of promise. For us, it was supposed to be a year that marked growth and learning. There were training programs and modules planned for each person on the team. Due to the Covid19 situation and the resultant lack of business, our budgets were slashed. But the training team took up the challenge and rolled out open source training courses without spending anything. We are learning with a home grown system using Google Docs and free resources available over YouTube.

We had also budgeted for a leadership training which was replaced with a book reading club for the senior management. Now, they learn through leadership books and pass on their learnings to each other.

All the other process where we could save money were transformed. Not only it saved us from unnecessary expenses but also trained us to innovate frugally.

These last few months were difficult for almost all of us and the future is still uncertain. But, we have learnt that our biggest strength is our robust team. We are still learning to crawl before we can walk during such times, but the earnest efforts put by the entire team has given us a definite shot at thriving in the post-pandemic world.

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