Single Sided Versus Back to Back Visiting Card Designs

Prima Facia the answer to this question how to decide between Single Sided Versus Back to Back Visiting Card Designs looks simple? But if you mull over a little, the significance of the question will set in. Visiting Cards are an extension of your own/ business identity. Often, the first brand interaction a customer has with your brand is via Visiting Cards.

Single Sided Versus Back to Back Visiting Card Designs

Examples of First Brand Interaction: Exhibitions, Travel, Networking Luncheon etc.

Single Sided Versus Back to Back Visiting Card Designs

How to decide between Single Sided Versus Back to Back Visiting Card Designs

Single Sided Visiting Card lets you display all your important information clearly on the front side. Your name, logo, phone number, email, and website are all there to see at first glance. A single-sided business card is a cost-effective option in terms of your printing expense. A single-sided card also ensures that your business and contact details don’t get hidden or ignored in any filing system the recipient might use.

A back to back visiting card allows you to use the back to maximize your message by including additional information. If you have lots of information to include on your visiting card trying to cram it all on one side will make everything too small and dense to read in such a situation putting some details on the back of the visiting card will make it easier for the recipient to take in information about your business.

It becomes critical to have a well – designed visiting card printed on a good quality paper. The Key Usage or Purpose of the Visiting Cards is:

a) To provide contact information to the prospect regarding your business/services
b) How to reach out in case of a query or requirement
c) Hammer home your brand name & service offering.

If you can achieve all 3 in a design for Single Sided Visiting Card, go ahead use them. Nothing better. Most famous people in the world have a single-sided visiting card design namely Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama etc

Some Interesting Visiting Cards Images, we love:

Single Sided Versus Back to Back Visiting Card Designs
Image Courtesy:
  1. The Visiting Card Hammers home the point about the business of the company, Financial Security & Investment.
Image Courtesy: Imgur Burger Grease


2. Another Simple yet elegant business card, which leaves no room for guesswork. You see the card, you know what business the person is in.


Imgur Burger Grease

3. This Beautiful Creation of a Visiting Card, which resembles a biscuit is again ” Simple yet awesome”

But most brands and businesses opt for 2 sided business/visiting cards. Why?

Simple. Two sides provide you with a larger canvas to play with. Brands add multiple services, their logos, taglines, talk about their presence in different cities etc.

Custom Visiting Cards are printed as well for Events & Exhibitions -Where front side is used for Business Information and back is used for Promoting Coupons, Offers etc

Some Simple yet Elegant Examples of Single &  2 Sided Business Cards / Visiting Cards are:

  1. Mozilla as a corporate has opted for a rounded edge business card. Please note, the ratio of content to blank spaces, a good Visiting Card design has to be Minimalistic.

2. This card wins you over owing to the use of Humour and Word Play ( # Star Wars) reference. Again, it’s simple yet elegant.


4. Founder of Twitter likes to keep his visiting cards inline with the Tweet Character Limit (140 letters/amended to 280)

5. Visiting card of Vijay Shekar Sharma – CEO Paytm, the poster boy of Indian Startup Ecosystem.

Most Brands and Corporate keep it simple. Check out our Corporate Partners.

These designs are effective, but may not work for Small Business Owners and Individuals, as most people may or may not have heard about your company, your product offering or services.

Hence, it becomes mandatory to sell your product/service on the visiting card. Let us take a look at a few examples of people and companies who have been successful in doing so.


One of the top accounting firms in India, Singhi & Co. has focused on a neat font type and service offering they provide.

Single Sided Versus Back to Back Visiting Card Designs

A neatly done business card fulfilling all 3 key parameters while designing business cards, highlight what you do, your brand company and options for the prospect to reach out, in case of requirement.


Another example of a rounded corner back to back visiting card, we like the aesthetic appeal of the card and the fact that it is designed keeping ample room for open spaces on both sides.

We have created a separate blog for ” 10 Amazing Visiting Cards of People Who shook the world ” do check it out.

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Important Rules Of Thumb on how to choose between Single Sided Versus Back to Back Visiting Card Designs :

When we exchange business/visiting cards with people and return back to base. Most People Sort Cards based on :

a) Type Of Business/ Service
b) Name of the Person, who handed you the card ( In case you bond)
c) Name of the Company.

Bottom Line: As an SME, Startup or Business the key aspect to highlight on your business card is your Product/Servicing Offering. It should be crystal clear to the receiver, what you do as a business, what is your product, all your service offerings etc. Rest all is peripheral and secondary.

Always, highlight your product/service when designing a business card.

Things to Remember, While designing a business card and when choosing between Single Sided Versus Back to Back Visiting Card Designs

a) Keep all your key copy at least 5 mm from the trim edge
b) Work at 300 dpi for best image reproduction
c) Ensure you maintain a minimum size of your typography to maintain legibility
d) Design in CMYK unless you’re working exclusively with spot colors.

In case everything we mentioned in our ” Things to remember” section was gibberish and Abba Dabba Jabba for you, simply use one of the following tools online to design your Visiting Cards/ Business Cards.

a) Adobe Spark
b) Canva
c) Shopify

Also Read:
How to design your Visiting Card using Canva.



PS: PrintStop will cover Abc of designing a visiting card on Canva online in our upcoming blogs.

Other tips to keep in mind when designing and choosing Single Sided Versus Back to Back Visiting Card Designs

For a Single Sided /Double Sided Business Card:

a) 25 % Property Space of the Card Should be Allocated to Business Name and Logo
b) 20% Property Space to Contact Information, Address, Name, Email, Number etc.

c) 25% – 30% Property Space Should be allocated to your Product/ Service
d) 20 % Property Space should be left Vacant.
e) Remaining 5 – 10% Could be your Brand Tag Line, Offers etc

You can check out various  Customize Visiting Card Designs

Important Note: Always Hand Over your Visiting Card to prospects with both hands (Good Etiquette) and in case of 2 Sided Visiting Cards Front Side/Contact Information side should be visible.

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