single vs double sided business cards

Single vs. Double-Sided Business Cards

Business cards nowadays come in all shapes and sizes. However, it may be the number of sides that determines your fate in the end. Should your company opt for a single-sided business card or a double-sided one? You should not take this decision lightly as it will influence the way others feel about your business.

Business cards with one and two sides have been preferred by many people and companies. A double-sided card won’t exactly be twice as effective when it comes to promoting your business. Sometimes, less is more. Double-sided cards have become the norm for various reasons, but both types have good and bad designs.

Before you decide on whether to buy single or double-sided cards, be sure you know the 12 elements of a business card.

Single Sided Visiting Card Double Sided Visiting Card

With that out of the way, here is what you should consider when choosing between single or double:  


One of the factors for you to think about is how much information you are going to place on the card. In fact, it is about the information that is needed. This will differ depending on many facets, and your company type is one of them.

A lawyer or a consultant may have single-sided cards with their contact information whereas an IT company or retail firm may provide a two-sided card so they can offer more information. 

Cost Saving Tip for Startups – Use the second side as a brochure to explain your products and services!

Your cards should contain information such as the name of the company, phone number, email, website, and company details. You can also add your name and your mobile number if you so wish. Either way, take a look at similar cards within your industry and at your own company. Talk to your team and discuss which type of card best suits your company.


You can hand out your double-sided cards to essentially any of your employees traveling elsewhere to promote your business. You can also carry around a batch of single-sided business cards and offer them to people who have a slight chance of needing your products and services.

One-sided cards help keep your information short and concise while leaving room for a personalized message on the back. Single-sided cards can also act as a calling card of sorts that you can hand to specific people that you meet. This way, you use double-sided cards as a way to advertise your services and single-sided cards as a way to provide contact information.


Be mindful of the place where you offer your card. Imagine that you’re at a meeting where you get to talk about your company. This could also be a conference that you attend or a seminar that you’re hosting, as long as it’s someplace where you will be speaking. Single-sided cards help with note-taking and handing out a one-sided card lets others jot down information about you or your company on the other side.

On the other hand, if you just wish to promote your brand, double-sided cards can help as a means of advertising. If you’re at a trade fair, convention, or an exhibition, you can promote your brand through your card, and it would be more beneficial for the card to be two-sided in this case.


Some people won’t bother to look at the back of your card when you hand it to them. Apart from this, the way people store your card will also come into play. If they own a business card file, they will place the card with the front side facing up. You don’t want them to waste time pulling out the card just so they can reach you.

Certain people will scan the cards and save the images on their laptop or tablet. Some even store the images on their phone for quick and easy access. If this is the case, one side beats two. 


There’s always the option of creating the majority of your cards as single-sided and printing about 20 – 25% double-sided. You can use the one-sided cards for the general business populace while giving the double-sided cards with more detail for higher-ups and important people. This way, you only spend your double-sided cards on serious prospects.

This technique also works well when meeting a CEO and their group of employees. You can hand out the single-sided cards to the employees and two-sided cards to the CEO and managers. Of course, you have no way of knowing which clients will be valuable in the end and it’s better to give the best impression to everyone you meet.


Single-sided business cards require less spending at your end as you’re only paying for printing the ink on one side as opposed to two. There is additional work involved with creating a double-sided business card, so the charges are higher but not double.

Twice the space, double the information you can fit in, but higher the cost. Also, the two sides aren’t always better than one. You can try to fill up the card to make it double-sided, but some of the information may be repeated or irrelevant. If this is the case, it is better for you to opt for a single-sided card. You have to decide if the benefit you derive from having a double-sided business card is worth the extra price.

So… One Side or Two?

As you can see, there is no consensus as to which card type is better. Both of them have their own time and place where people can use them. The key is to find out what type suits your company better. We hope this article helped you in taking this crucial decision.

Be sure to keep all these points in mind while deciding how many sides you want your business cards to have. You can also try a combination of both, print some cards double-sided and others single-sided.

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