Social Media Tips for Small Businesses and How to use it effectively?

Before we dive into the topic of Social Media Tips for Small Businesses and How to use it effectively? it is important to first understand this channel, its importance for small businesses and startups and various contributions that they provide to your business.

In our blog “Why is being on social media detrimental to your business?” we establish why social media has tremendous potential to help your brand to rule the digital world. However, it is also very important that you get things right from the very beginning for them to deliver desired results.

Let’s move on to 10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses and How to use it effectively?

Have a plan before you start:
Like starting any project, it is important to have a plan in place, similarly, it is crucial in charting out a plan before launching your brand on social media. This will provide a sharpened focus for all your digital actions and avoid to go with the flow approach which many small businesses use to take their initial step only to figure out later that they have lost precious time. How do you plan the strategy?

      1. Set measurable goals and objectives
      2. Conduct a social media audit to understand your target audience
      3. Create or improve your existing accounts
      4. Find inspiration that can be translated into posts and stories to share
      5. Create a calendar

Test, evaluate and adjust your strategy as and when required

Identify the platforms which are right for your business:

There are numerous social media platforms available today and a user has accounts in multiple of the sites. However, not all the platform will be suitable for your business and the goals and objectives you set.

Here is a high-level look at each of the platforms for you to make a choice on which ones are the best for your brand.

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

    1. Facebook: Most popular social media network in the world with over 2 billion users as of the year 2017. It also has the most number of active social media users making it very important for any business to be available in this media.
    2. LinkedIn: The world’s largest social networking site for professionals with more than 467 million users.
    3. Instagram: Instagram is famous for its visual-centric approach where successful marketing is based on the aesthetic appeal of the content. According to the 2016 Bloglovin’ Global Influencer Survey, this platform also boasts the best engagement levels among all social networks at 59 percent.
    4. Twitter: Due to the 280-character tweet limit Twitter is renowned for its brevity.
    5. YouTube: This an excellent resource for brands who can take advantage of the popularity of online videos.
    6. Pinterest: What makes Pinterest unique is its users who are searching to find ideas for all parts of their lives. This makes Pinterest ideal for driving action, such as a purchase or a visit to your website.
    7. Snapchat: A disappearing content platform that’s especially popular with younger demographics.


Strategic Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Know whom to connect – your audience


Know whom to connect_Social Media Tips for Small Businesses
10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

One of the critical components of your market research is identifying traits that define your target audience. This information also helps you to create relevant appealing content. This could include their age, gender, location, pain points, goals, average income, etc. one of the best ways to do this is by creating audience personas for your customers.

Promote and sell your products on social media

Promote and sell your products on social media
10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses


Promoting your brand is not as easy or simple as it seems like. To begin with, remember the 20/80 rule. That is your social content across all your channels should be no more than 20 percent promotional while remaining 80 percent should be about your customers—engaging with them and sharing relevant content that they will find valuable.

Make use of images, videos, and graphics
Sixty-seven percent of marketing decision makers say that they use visual content on social media for its engagement value. Visual elements play a crucial role to entice customers to engage with you.

Operational Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Quality versus quantity
When quantity increases, quality tends to suffer. While it is tempting to have your brands on most of the social media platforms, it is advisable to choose the most suitable ones and have a strong strategy and content in place. Go where your audience is and deliver the value to drive success.

Utilise the tools available
There are numerous tools available these days which saves time and effort to maintain your social media accounts. They also make you more efficient and provide important analysis to monitor customer response.

Monitor and respond to all the conversations
More than 80 percent of all customers expect a business to reply within 24 hours of a social media posting. Failing to engage with your audience would give out a message that you do not care for them as much as you like to show.

While responding to them in time with help you humanize your brand as social media conversations are almost a synonym to the face-to-face conversation in today’s digital world.

Final Few Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Have more time to engage by scheduling your content
While you spend time in charting plans and strategy and creating quality content, it is also important that the content reaches to the audience in the right time.

It is easy to get so busy in posting content and forgetting to keep time to engage with the audience. Best is to schedule your posts on various social media platforms using tools available in the market.

Study successful brands online and draw inspirations
There are countless examples of brands who have made it big using social media.

  • Spend time in studying their strategy and feel free to experiment them with your brand.
  • It is also not a bad idea to keep a watch on your competitors
  • Social media while being an easily accessible channel to promote and sell your brand.
  • Be Patient with Social Media
  • Use the right strategy.
  • Follow our 10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses and How to use it effectively?
  • We are sure if you do, all the above you will surely succeed.

All the best!

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