Switch from Plastic to Recyclable Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper Bags

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is a vital duty and a valuable addition to any commercial organization. Business enterprises are doing their utmost best to enforce their CSR by adopting eco-friendly measures. One such laudable gesture is to switch from Plastic to Recyclable Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper Bags.

The use of Kraft Brown Paper Bags is commendable not only from the social but also commercial point of view as it has many benefits.

Benefits of using Kraft Paper bags

1. Environment-friendly

Kraft paper bags can be totally recycled in contrast to non-biodegradable plastic bags which cause environmental pollution and landfills. Kraft paper can be recycled and reused several times. Less energy is spent on recycling paper bags when compared to plastic bags.

Natural Kraft paper is used in an unbleached brown form to avoid contamination of the environment due to bleaching chemicals. Kraft paper bags made of this natural biomaterial are the best for the environment.

2. Easily Customized

Kraft paper bags can be personalized and tailor-made to suit your needs. This is because printing is easy on kraft paper and the colours stand out boldly. Being thick, Kraft paper bags project the brand message boldly without being crumpled.

With a variety of size and thickness, Kraft bags can be made to order according to your requirements and design.

3. Better Branding

Kraft paper bags are the best for branding because

  1. Their sober brown finish gives a classy and sophisticated look.
  2. Fonts and colours are better offset on this brown surface giving an urbane and professional look.
  3. Being durable, they lend credibility to the brand.

4. Child-safe

It is a known fact that plastic bags cause choking and suffocation when wrapped around the head for more than 5 minutes. But not so with Kraft paper bags. There is no such risk with Kraft Paper bags as they are more ventilated with slight air pores.

5. Fresh

Kraft paper bags are ideal for packing food as food stays fresher in them. This is because they have minute air pores which allow air circulation. In fact, bananas are shipped using perforated Kraft paper boxes to keep them fresh.

6. Durable

Brown paper bags are used in boutiques, footwear stores, watch showrooms etc. for packing. Even mobile phones and electronic gadgets are packed in Kraft bags. This is because Kraft bags are so thick and durable that they can hold even heavy items without tearing. Their unique box-bottom helps them to stand upright and hold many things. Kraft Paper bags come with a thick cord which gives a firm grip for carrying shopping items.

Use of Kraft Paper bags in Packing

Kraft Paper bags are the best to pack

  1. Coffee– their thick exterior keeps the aroma of coffee locked in.
  2. Tea leaves– Tea leaves should not turn soggy or moist. Kraft bags keep the moisture out with their thickness and are best for packing tea.
  3. Spices- Spices are best when keeping fresh and free from pests and this can happen only when they are in Kraft bags.
  4. Nuts– Nuts are tasty only when crunchy. Pack them in paper bags to keep them crisp.
  5. Cookies, candies and pastries– Pack these goodies in Kraft paper bags or boxes to lock their freshness and aroma forever.
  6. Perfumes– With perfumes, it is the fragrance that matters the most. Keep this fragrance locked in by using a thick Kraft bag to avoid vaporization of the exotic scents.

You have an option to buy kraft paper bags online. Use them for all your shopping, packing and carrying needs. Get these designed creatively and attractively with an expert and watch these Kraft bags become our brand ambassadors instantly.

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