The engraved pen – A status symbol

What do businessmen and top entrepreneurs carry? a pen and most often it is an engraved one. Yes, engraved pens are symbols of their status and success. Engraved pens are personalised pens bearing their name or company logo. These pens are designed creatively and engraved indelibly to creating lasting impressions. This is why engraved pens are personalized and preserved as symbols of status.

Engraved Business pens

Why the engraved pen is a status symbol?

  • Symbols of success

Women have many fashion accessories to flaunt their affluence and status- diamond jewellery, handbags, shoes, clothes…but what do men have to portray their position? -an engraved pen of course!  pens do not come normally engraved. So when a pen is engraved with your name, it assumes some importance making it special. This personalized pen now becomes a symbol of your success.

  • Engraving

All pens are not engraved because engraving takes effort and expense. This is why when one sees an engraved pen, he immediately thinks of all the labour and money spent on it. Now, this pen becomes an objet d’art, an artistic item, a collectable.

  • Draws attention

Everyone carries a pen but if yours is engraved, it receives special attention. It becomes the hot topic of conversation. It is instantly admired and circulated about to show one’s admiration. Engraved pens catch everyone’s fancy being personalized and customized.

  • Reflects character

If you are the proud owner of a personalized pen, it means you are a person of integrity. Yes, an engraved pen reflects your character. It shows how methodical and meticulous you are at doing things. This is revealed by the fact that you chose to have your pen engraved and preserve it very carefully. An engraved pen thus speaks volumes about your personality. So choose a good quality pen and get it engraved using laser printing from a seasoned print specialist.

  • Depicts style

Only a person of taste will carry an engraved pen. Carrying a personalized pen makes you almost a connoisseur of art. It reveals your passion for style and uniqueness. It reflects your individuality.

  • Reflects superiority

Companies generally gift engraved pens to special and eminent people. So if you are gifting someone an engraved pen, this promotional gift becomes an asset as it reflects his superior standing.

  • Sets you apart

If you want to stand tall above the crowd, carry an engraved pen. It is distinctive and sets you apart from the regular herd. It shines the spotlight on you as a person of class and high taste.

  • Prestigious

If you carry an object bearing your name like an engraved pen, you obviously care a lot about your name and its prestige. So engraved pens are prestigious, elite and exclusive to the selected few. Get your engraved pen customized exclusively to your taste from a professional pen expert.

Laser engraving for your personalized pens

Laser engraving gives lasting results on your personalized pens because

  • Digital technology is used to imprint the design using a laser beam.
  • The laser beam can cut both flat and curved surfaces.
  • The design looks bolder and convincing with laser engraving.
  • Laser engraving is indelible and cannot be erased.
  • Laser engraving works out cheap for individual and bulk orders.

Engraved Business pens

We carry different styles of engraved pens from many popular brands like Parker, Waterman, Reynolds, Hero, Mont Blanc, Camlin, Cello, and more. All these models are of premium quality with attractive pricing. They are highly suitable for individual purchase too and you can order as low as a single pen.

Select your personalized pens from this exhaustive range and get it engraved innovatively and indelibly from the best print specialist.

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