5 Tools That Enable Us To Work From Home

The sudden COVID-19 outbreak brought unprecedented challenges. Our two main objectives in the current scenario were to keep our employees safe and customers happy.  The perfect solution was to work from home. However, remote working was something we were not used to. But, our tech team members upped their game and facilitated a smooth transition.The key challenges that we saw coming were internal and external communication and access to our internal servers. Here are a few tools that came to our rescue:

  1. Zoom

    The first and most important challenge for us was how to conduct meetings that involved a lot of people. In order to function smoothly, our team needed to be in constant communication, and Zoom made it happen. We could make video calls, conduct meetings, participate in group chats with multiple people using Zoom.

  1. Knowlarity and Exotel

    Our customer service teams are putting their best foot forward despite the lockdown. Although they are working remotely, their connection with the customers has not been affected because of solutions like Knowlarity and Exotel. These are cloud-based platforms that route all the calls to our customer support team’s personal numbers, thereby helping us provide uninterrupted service to our customers.

  1. Zoho Desk

    We use Zoho’s is a cloud-based platform that provides a unified ticketing solution. Our customer support team can remotely access it on their phones and laptops to provide complete support to our customer’s issues, inquiries, etc.

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop Control(RDC) and Zoho Assist

    One of the major concern was access to our office computers while working remotely. It was taken care of by tools like RDC. Our team gets complete access to all the software and files they use in the office by accessing their computers. Zoho Assist helps us troubleshoot IT issues among employees by connecting to their machines.

  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    VPN has ensured that our team is constantly connected with our internal server and Network Storage Systems and they have access to all the data they need. VPN has enabled server accessibility without compromising our data security.

These tools have kept us going amidst the lockdown. We have been able to provide the best service while keeping our team safe. Let us know what kind of tools are helping you work remotely?