Top 10 Do-It-Yourself Kraft, Print and Design Ideas for Diwali 2018

The baap of all Indian festivals ‘Diwali’ is approaching, and everyone is excited for its preparation. Aren’t you? We all buy tea lights, diyas, make rangolis, and do everything possible to add a spark in our homes. The festival of lights is a special occasion for every family as it brings all the people together and spreads joy in the surroundings.

Decorating and re-decorating becomes the main goal of every person in order to deck up the space in the most unique manner. Pre-planning does not mean necessarily mean purchasing stuff from outside. Rather, it is the best opportunity to spend quality time with family and get your hands on art and craft. You can check out PrintStop for some excellent design and print gifting options.

This Diwali, let’s join hands together to design and make our own decorative items to transform the look of our house. You need not worry regarding the expenses because our do-it-yourself ideas will make sure that simplicity is the essential key to make special kraft products. Do not forget to pull in your kids to use their creativity in making beautiful crafts. It is also a wonderful idea to teach them the significance of Diwali decoration and lighting up the houses.

Ideas for Diwali do-it-yourself krafts

Are you ready to walk through some interesting and unique ideas to turn your home to a pretty space emanating the flavors of Diwali? Here we go,

1. Making your own lights for Diwali:

Mason jar

Do you wish to make your own lamps and lights for the festival? That’s super simple and fun too. Here is one interesting idea – print a picture of you and your kids and tightly wrap it around a mason jar. Now take your fairly lights and drop them into the jar. Switch on the lights and see your lantern shining your dark room. The picture on the jar will surely bring a smile on anyone’s face. Isn’t that amazing and easy? Of course!

2. Lamp holder with your bangles:

Everyone has old and out-of-fashion bangles in their jewelry boxes. Instead of throwing them, you need to spend some time and make attractive lamp holders out of it. Collect some colourful bangles, a tea coaster, and a glue tube. Make sure the bangles are of same size. Glue them one on one and make a tower with about 6 to 8 bangles. Now stick this tower to the tea coaster below. Drop a small tea light candle into it, and lit it. You will see a gleaming candle and holder. That’s unique and will get you a lot of appreciation.

3. Rangoli craft:

Rangoli Rice Diwali

Diwali and rangoli are synonymous to one another. Rangoli dignifies welcoming Goddess Lakshmi to come into the house and shower prosperity. A colorful rangoli can be made with various items, be it color powders, rice and lentils, chalks, sands, and even paper. Explain the importance of rangoli to your kids and let them use their ideas to make pretty designs on the floor. You can make them practice drawing designs on the board and try out mixing and matching different colors before the final one on Diwali is made.

4. Banners for Diwali:

Banners for Diwali

Banners are not just made for anniversaries and birthdays, you can make them for Diwali too. You will need card boards, ribbons or colorful laces, scissors and stationery to make posters and banners for the festival. Designing patterns on the card boards and printing them out to paste on the walls is one of the easiest way of home decoration. Try this out and spread happiness messages on Diwali.

5. Wall hangings with CDs:

CDs have become out of order nowadays. So, are you going to throw them? Please don’t. Collect all your old and scratched CDs and connect them using threads or ropes. You can as well paint them by hand or color them using markets. Join all of them either as a wall hanging or in any shape and use your creation has a decorative item for Diwali. Your home decor cannot get better than this. If you are running short of colors then use nail polishes to draw patterns on your CDs and use them as a base to your diyas.

6. Greeting cards for Diwali:

Don’t you cherish those long-gone days when you used to make Diwali greeting cards for your friends and family? Wouldn’t you want to experience the same fun and let your kids share such small pleasures of life? Grab some colorful papers, crayons, sketch pens, and scissors and start making Deepawali Kraft products. You can design your card as per your ideas, write nice and sweet messages on it, and send them to the near and dear ones. Let your kids understand the value of handmade wonders which one can hardly experience from the gifts that we purchase from outside.

7. Paper lanterns:

You buy lanterns every year for Diwali and pay a huge sum for it. Don’t you? How about making your own paper lanterns this time? Sounds inexpensive and interesting too! All you will need is some frills, transparent sheets, card boards, papers, glue, and scissors. Start with making four-sided lantern, which is easy. Once you get hands on it, you can try out different designs and other creative stuff too. The goal is to make a handmade, cost-effective, and attractive lantern that can surprise everyone with your hidden talents.

8. Painting mud diyas:

Do you always stare the mud diyas and think what is missing from it? Guess the colors are missing. No worries. You can use colors, beads, small laces, and any decorative item you have at your home to turn your dull-looking diyas to something that grabs the attention of onlookers. All you will need is paint brushes, water colors, and any other stuff you have which is no more in good use. That is what is DIY all about, isn’t it? Let’s make our hands dirty and in return have some colorful and stunning diyas lit at every corner of our house.

9. Fairy lights and family pictures:

Fairy lights and Family Picture

If you have no time to decorate your house but you really wish to do it, then follow this idea and add some dazzling elements to your place. Select 15 to 20 pictures of family and get them printed in small sizes. Take a long line of fairy lights and hang them using tapes on one plain side of your wall. Take the photographs and clip them in between two lights of your long length of the fairy lights. Switch on and see the magic. It is one of the popular ideas that is being used nowadays by a lot of people around. You can try it too. Easy and quick!

10. Table decoration:

Your center table need not just have sweets and savory items, try to make paper flowers and decorate your table top in such a way that every guest coming to your house will definitely praise you with good words. You can place colorful diyas on it too.

All these 10 interesting Diwali DIY ideas can make your house look beautiful than it ever looked to you. Use one or more ideas from the above list and involve all your family members to come out with special decoration for your home. After all, it’s Diwali fellas! Have fun and create memories for life.

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