Top 10 Fonts Used By Professionals

Typography! Has it ever occurred to you that your choice of fonts speaks volumes about your business? Every choice you make in your font selection conveys a message to the readers every time they reach out for your business card.

We are about to look at the top 10 fonts used by professionals in business cards but before we do let’s be clear that the choice in your font creates a lasting impact on the viewer. Business cards are the first impression to your professional services and despite your excellent choice of high-quality paper and state of the art printing, it could all go in vain with the wrong choice of fonts.

Here are the top 10 fonts used by professionals on business cards:

  1. Helvetica

This is an all-time classic. It is the most widely used font by designers for business cards. It is often chosen for its simplicity and uniqueness. It stands for legibility and clarity.

  1. Futura

 This font is often used in times of limited space availability on a business card. Like we’ve read earlier that legibility and clarity are important and with limited space Futura would be one of the best choices to cramp in all the details in clarity with a lesser room.

  1. Gothic Century Mt

This font maintains the basic design. It had originated for the purpose of printing and signage. With its whole purpose intended for printing why shouldn’t you consider this clear-cut geometric design to represent your business. It’s spacious and well-cut feature only contribute to lavish office stationery products.

  1. Trajan

The term ‘Trajan’ very clearly says Romans and this font is an all-capital typeface dating back to the inscriptions of the Roman Empire. Chances of forgetting the details on the business card or any other documents are less likely as the all-capital typeface leaves an impact on the retrieval of information.

  1. Gotu

The use of this font says professional as well as casual. It could suit just about any role and fit right in. It’s clear-cut edges bring out the defined formation of the letters.

  1. Homizio Nova 

This stands for simplicity. If you are looking at having your design with basic information of logo, name, designation, and contacts, then Homizio Nova will be your best choice. Your design not just says simplicity but also serves its purpose.

  1. Roboto

This font was initially designed by Google itself and their designs stand for their elegance and simplicity. It is one of the most used fonts in all industries and mediums where texts are used. You want to portray elegance and simplicity choose Roboto.

  1. Rubik 

This slightly rounded and heavyweight font makes a bold impression through your marketing materials and if bold impressions are important to you then this is the one. Bold impressions create a lasting effect.

  1. Charlevoix Pro

This font in all its forms gives your business card a look that speaks of creativity. This font would best suit business cards that belong to those of the creative industry such as Photographers and Graphic Designers.

  1. Walkway

Innovative, clear and novel, that’s what Walkway stands for. Start-ups and creative industries should consider choosing Walkway for their office stationery and promotional/marketing materials. It has a modern and trendy look. If that’s the message you want to send across, the Walkway font is the one for you.

Each industry has their own demands and requirements and before you go ahead and decide your choice of fonts for your design give it a few minutes to understand the kind of message you are trying to portray and you couldn’t go wrong.

Go ahead and choose your font based on your need with us and let us do the rest.

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