Top 5 Tips for Creative Branding

The right branding can make or break your business. And bearing the same in mind, Printstop brings to you Top 5 Tips for Creative Branding. Branding is an opportunity to show potential clients and customers what you’re offering and what your business is all about. Done well, branding will build awareness and recognition, which in turn can lead to retention and increased sales. With the opportunity to expose your brand on so many different platforms, and with such an instant response on many occasions, it’s important to be creative. These five top tips are going to help start the process of getting your branding right.

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Research your competitors

First and the most ignored tip in Top 5 Tips for Creative Branding is Research your competition thoroughly. Researching your competitors to find out what they offer and how is a great way for you to differentiate your business from theirs. Take the strong points of what they do to implement them into your own strategy. Having an in-depth knowledge of your market will really help you see where you can be creative in gaining a competitive edge and getting your message across.

Top 5 Tips for Creative Branding

Build a buzz

Building a buzz about your brand is a great way to develop a community around it. Get your team together to throw out ideas to help build that community; whether it’s using viral video marketing, social media accounts or running competitions via email sign-ups. The bigger the buzz you can create the bigger the community will grow, and the more brand loyalty you’ll build.

Get the whiteboard out and start scribbling down some ideas. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and let’s not worry about the ink spills for now. After all, it’s creativity you’re trying to tease out. Focus on finding some great ideas, and then you can learn how to remove pen stains afterwards.

Think like a customer

One of the trickiest things to do in business, and in life, is to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. However, from a creative branding point of view, it’s essential. Listen to your potential customers about what they want, take on their views and opinions, and merge them with your own. It’s great to have your own approach and be very strong-minded about it. But having the ability to think like a customer rather than only a business owner, manager or marketer will pay dividends in the long run.

Top 5 Tips for Creative Branding

Be authentic and consistent

Developing brand awareness is about creating a message that people know and trust. There’s no point in making huge claims or big statements if you can’t back them up. Do what your brand says and people will trust what you’re offering. Keep your message consistent and you’ll start to build rapport with your clients and customers so that they’ll keep coming back. Stick to a message that you can really get behind, rather than one that doesn’t quite feel right. One of the most important parts of this is to be visually consistent, and then you’ll start to build brand identity and recognition.

Top 5 Tips for Creative Branding

Keep it simple

Last but not the least on our list of Top 5 Tips for Creative Branding is a tip to Keep It Simple. Trust us, when we say it is easier said than done. The more complicated and confusing your brand becomes the less that customers and clients will trust it. Always keep your core branding at the centre of any marketing and be true to your original ideas. That way, when you do grow or diversify you’ll be taking people with you on the journey, rather than asking them to start a new, complicated one.

Simple and Creative Branding

In conclusion, Creative Branding as a topic has many layers and aspects to it. As a brand, we need to create an identity that resonates with our customers universally. To Learn More about Branding and Brand Identity subscribe to our Newsletters today.

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