Physical visiting cards vs. virtual

Visiting Card Showdown – Virtual vs. Physical Visiting Cards

While we are shifting to a virtual world, physical visiting cards are one thing that will probably remain for a while. Although you see posters and flyers advertising events and products on Facebook, one cannot say the same for visiting cards.  

You may recall that we wrote a similar article about single versus double-sided business cards.

Physical and virtual visiting cards differ based on a variety of factors. Let us begin.


You can use apps to help make a virtual visiting card, or ‘vCard’. The problem is that technology is always growing and changing so you will have to update your virtual card along with it or it may become outdated.

On the other hand, creating physical visiting cards is much simpler. And they can easily be stored in your pockets and shared anytime, anywhere.

People haven’t still adjusted to virtual cards; though they will sometime. Physical cards will continue to not just survive but thrive. For now, we can safely say that physical cards are everyone’s safe bet.   


One problem that physical cards have is when you make a mistake with your phone number, email, or website details. You should never strike out the mistake or correct it with a pen. Writing on the card, unless specific to the customer, should be avoided at all costs.

Thus, you will have to print a fresh batch of cards with every change you make, whether it is just one letter or an entire company rebranding. This is also why you should check and proofread your business cards before you print them out.

Virtual cards are so much simpler and easier to change. All you have to do is just type in the new changes. Digital cards can be edited whenever you want, so you can always keep them up-to-date. There’s no need to fear that you might make a mistake. No doubt virtual visiting cards are definitely better on this front.


Virtual cards are advanced. They may look cooler than physical cards, but they also cost more as well. Certain websites will charge more if you want to add the Vcard, meaning you may have to pay an additional fee to link the virtual visiting card to your website.

Physical visiting cards are much cheaper to make. Here at PrintStop, you can get 100 visiting cards for just 90 rupees. You can also add a personal touch which is missing in virtual cards. Overall, the cost of physical cards is much lower.

Management & Storage

Unfortunately, physical cards are more likely to end up lost. A visiting card file or holder is a great way to keep track of your physical visiting cards. You can organize the cards instead of leaving them scattered all over the place. For storing your own cards, get a good visiting card holder.

Virtual cards are much easier to store and manage. You have the entire collection of cards sorted out for you. Since they’re stored in an app, all one has to do is search for it in the search bar. Plus, since they can sort by company or person, they can find the details quickly. The only drawback is that the cards usually need internet access to view, but that is negligible.


Although Twitter, email, and WhatsApp exist as a means to share your virtual cards, people usually share virtual visiting cards through apps such as Handshake and One Card. The problem with sharing electronic cards is that the other person should also have the same app or software. Digital cards also take away the personal aspect of meeting and greeting someone.  

Sharing physical visiting cards is much easier. Whether it’s a meeting, trade show, conference, or seminar, you just have to hand the other person your card, preferably swapping visiting cards with them. Even if you want to transfer a card online, it might be simpler to just take a picture of your physical card and send it to the other person rather than go through the trouble of creating a virtual card.


As you can see, physical cards were better at three of the factors while virtual cards won in two. That means that the victor of the visiting card showdown was the physical visiting cards.

Virtual cards have their merits, but the physical card is too hard to beat at this moment. Although virtual visiting cards are slowly gaining traction, paper cards won’t be going away anytime soon.

With so many things becoming defunct due to the internet and technology, it is almost a miracle that visiting cards have managed to stand the test of time. Especially in a country like India, “May I offer you my visiting card?” will still be used in most conversations.

The best option is to use physical visiting cards with some virtual elements, such as a QR code or promo codes, provided you have space. Visiting cards aren’t the only way to get contacts, either. Your social media pages and websites can also help in that regard.

PrintStop has the Best Physical Visiting Cards

When push comes to shove, it’s time to get physical. Here at PrintStop, we blend the virtual and physical realm. By using virtual tools such as creating your own design – all for the perfect physical visiting card.

Well, what are you waiting for? Select the one that’s right for you and you’ll be well on your way to making a vibrant visiting card!

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