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Tough time calls for tough actions! Especially now, when we are facing an unprecedented crisis. In order to stay safe, we need to take a few small yet effective measures. A few precautions like wearing a face mask, cleaning hands with soap and sanitizers, using face shields and following social distancing can go a long way to prevent the disease. However, all this is easier said than done.
During the lockdown, it was easier to follow the safety norms. Now, with things slowly resuming, some of us might be going to back to work. But, that does not mean we can go easy on hygiene and distancing practices. We need to follow them even more religiously and encourage other people to do the same.
Here are a few signage products by PrintStop that will educate people and urge them to follow all the safety rules.

Banners and standees

Whether you are a large organisation or big retail outlet, if you receive a lot of visitors daily, you need to be vigilant about safety practices. A simple way to educate people about safety practices could be using banners. You can ask people to wear masks, use sanitizers, avoid touching surfaces, etc. by placing such banners or standees at prominent places. There’s no need to worry about the designs. We have readymade templates with authentic information about COVID-19. You can use them as is or if required, upload your own design.

Posters and wall stickers

Door handles, lift buttons, telephones and a lot of other things are frequently touched by a large number of people. They could easily become contaminated and spread the virus. Hence it is always essential to remind people to clean their hands before and after touching these objects. Appropriately placed posters or stickers can be used to convey important safety instructions message and educate people about the virus, helpline numbers, symptoms, etc. We have pre-designed templates of posters and wall stickers which you can use to convey the right information related to COVID-19.

Floor stickers

These days people have to queue up for almost everything. Be it a bank or grocery store, we need to stand in a queue and wait for our turn while maintaining social distancing. People have to stand at least two meters away from each other. Organisations can use floor stickers to indicate where a person needs to stand to avoid spreading of the disease. We have floor stickers with general messaging such as keep safe distance, stand here, maintain social distancing. You can select the pre-designed template and the language you want the sticker in and we will get the job done for you.  There is also an option to choose between usual rectangular design or shape-cut sticker.

Safety products

Simply educating people is not enough, we also need to give them proper safety equipment. Organisations can give out safety equipment like masks and face shields. To ensure that people clean their hands frequently, sanitisers should be placed everywhere. Employees who are more at risk should be given PPE suits.

ou can check out these products on our website printstop.co.in. Use these products to keep yourself and everyone around you safe and strong.
During such times, it is essential to act responsibly as a community and look out for everyone. Only then we can emerge stronger, together.

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