Why custom printed notebooks are a fad in schools across India?

Flipping through textbooks and jotting points in notebooks may soon be a thing of the past in schools across India. To match up with digital generation children, schools are beginning to think out of the box, beyond textbooks and blackboards. Many schools like Podar International School (Mumbai) is moving to tablet learning as it can enable schools to assess and design tests as per the student abilities.

Some schools are trying to strike a balance between technology and traditional methods by integrating technology in classrooms without replacing textbooks. The debate on whether this should is appropriate or not, the ill effects of giving access to technology to young kids putting them in danger of blue light etc is still doing the round. Ironically, custom printed notebooks are a fad in schools across the country.

Here are a few reasons why the custom notebooks deserve to be the favorites of the kids.

1. They enhance a child’s learning ability

Child's learning Ability

The physicality of using a notebook can improve cognition by stimulating the part of the brain that processes information, priming our minds for original thought. Swiping and typing simply do not have the same effect. Because digital technology trains us to assume that information is perpetually accessible, the notes we take on digital devices have a very short lifespan in our minds. When you scribble a new concept into a notebook, you do so in a way that makes sense to you, forming a deeper connection to that idea. 

2. They can awaken the inner artist of a child

Notebooks exercise different parts of your brain than digital devices. A blank page offers the freedom to connect ideas visually, on a concrete surface, using body and mind in concert. The fluid motions required to sketch or write by hand engage the right side of the brain, which is typically associated with creative thought and artistic expression, better than the mechanical motions of typing. Notebooks encourage children to bring their ideas into tangible being.

3. They sharpen ideas

Creative ideas

A trusty notebook can help a child, even an adult, achieve a great epiphany. Isaac Newton sat under an apple tree with his notebook when he ‘discovered’ the theory of gravitation. Leonardo da Vinci suddenly broke off from sketching clouds to write, in large caps, ‘IL SOLE NON-SI MUOVE’ (the sun does not move). The ease with which one can personalize a notebook, to say nothing of the many types available, allows people to envisage something truly unique and lasting. Feeling personally connected to notebooks allows us to fully enjoy the creative process, making us more likely to engage in fresh pursuits of thought. And as we all know, practice is the key to success.

4. They improve mental health

writing on notebooks for better mental health

Digital technology can make us anxious. The endless options for fleeting distraction increase the pressure to do everything as quickly as possible. A notebook, by contrast, offers only itself. Most of us can type faster than we write, but using a notebook forces us to slow down. The absence of apps allows us to absorb reality and engage our critical thinking skills. Notebooks can help us focus and achieve clarity while we work, making it easier to reach the coveted Flow State that unlocks creative potential. 

5. They are a perfect databank

Writing on notebooks

Notebooks are a portable technology constructed with durable materials that preserve your thoughts for years on end. Creativity is not stalled by a drained battery, the only sources of power needed are wrist muscles and imagination. It is the only external hard drive that won’t corrupt your files. The only syncing required with pocket calendars is putting pen to paper.

Notebooks are always ready to capture brilliant ideas the moment you have them, and you also don’t lose any changes or improvisations you make during your journey.

6. They inspire originality

All masterpieces are born from first drafts, and all first drafts are born in notebooks. The freedom to make mistakes is crucial to embrace the messiness of the creative process. The absence of social media notifications and other diversions provides an opportunity to create your own world.

Our thoughts can wander in productive directions, and the notebook is ready to record new connections and inspirations as they occur to us, even if they don’t make the second cut. It is difficult to stop a train of thought when there is no delete button pulling the brake.

7.  They cure writer’s block

Writer's Block_ Notebooks printing

Notebooks help dislodge mental blocks. Typed text is uniform by design, encouraging conformity. Notebooks, on the other hand, require writing to create meaning, our penmanship makes the content personal. A blank page invites us to fill it with doodles that stimulate our brains, enabling us to form connections between disparate thoughts. The ability to commit anything to paper has the added benefit of chronicling an idea’s development.


what’s recorded in a notebook stays there. Picasso made several hundred pocketbook sketches before he finally discovered his revolutionary Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. Without his pocketbook, it would never have been painted. True inspiration lies in earlier versions of thoughts, images, and equations, whereas digital technology makes it all too easy to revise, thereby losing potential pathways through mental blocks.

Today, notepads can be printed with any message, image or layout you choose. You can have them printed in full-color, one or two colors, or plain black ink. Also, the number of sheets per pad is variable…25, 50, 100, or something else. With notepads, there is a lot of room for creativity so the design is totally up to you.

Thanks to our online design tool and order options, personalizing your child’s notebooks is very straightforward. At PrintStop, we offer A4 and A5 sized notebooks with an option to get them in either 80 or 160 sides. These single-line notebooks come in soft cover with wire-o-binding and are available for mere Rs. 79/- for one notebook.

You can even check out our quirky kraft notebooks. Starting from Rs. 1800/- for 10 Kraft Notebooks, they come in A5 size and with wire and perfect binding options. The cover is a thick kraft paper and has plain 80 leaves (160 sides). These creative and environment-friendly notebooks are also an excellent gifting option for other kids.

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