Why Is Employee Identity Cards important for an Organization?

Why Is Employee Identity Cards important for an Organization?

In the changing times of corporate culture, employee id cards have become an absolute necessity.  Every organization issues id cards to its employees bearing their individual name, employee code, job title and department along with the Company logo and address. The employee’s personal contact details are mentioned on the reverse. This card is often borne on a lanyard or a tag around the neck or tied to a belt or carried in the pocket. Irrespective of their mode of portability, an employee id card must be carried at all times during his employment tenure at the office.

ID Cards

Why is the employee id card so important?

An employee id card is very important in an organization because it is

  1.   An evidence of employment

The id card is the strong and undeniable proof that the employee works for the company. This fact cannot be ignored by both the Company and the employee and it works both ways. In case of any denial of employee privileges, the employee can use this evidence to prove his employment in the company and demand his legal rights. On the other hand, the Company can also use this card as proof to expose the employee in case of any malpractice.

Whatever be the reason, the employee id card is the irrefutable proof that the employee works for the Company.

  1.   Passport to entry and exit into the office

The id card is the employee’s passport to enter or exit the office premises. With the help of Photo id cards, security personnel can identify the employee and let him inside or out of the office.

  1.  Distinguish employees from visitors

The employee id card is a simple mechanism that helps to distinguish employees from visitors on a large scale in an organization. Visitors are normally provided with guest cards while employee cards have employee QR codes on them.

This is particularly useful in the cases of emergencies like theft or impersonation where the culprit can be instantly identified by tracking his mode of entry through the card.

  1.  Restrict access

Certain departments in an organization have restricted access and cannot be entered by all office personnel. One way of ensuring this is by using employee id cards. This card can have magnetic overlays with specific QR required to access entry to that secure department.

  1.  Employee Tracking

Personnel in certain departments like sales and marketing are in and out of the office many times. To keep track of their presence in the office and the duration of their absence, id cards prove particularly useful.

  1.  Accountability

Every employee becomes more accountable to the organization once he is issued an id card. His in and out timings, lunch and break timings, leave of absence etc. are all noted by the card reader using the passcode on the id card.

  1.  Better rapport

The employee id cards put a face to a name. This is particularly very helpful in building rapport among the employees of a large organization where each one hardly knows the other by name. this is particularly effective during company meetings and training sessions.

  1.  Better Customer interaction

The id card helps an employee to interact with a customer better as the customer is able to remember and recollect him through his card.

  1.  In case of emergency

The employee id card comes truly handy in case of an emergency like an accident to the employee. In such circumstances, the personal details on the back of the card help in contacting the close relatives or even the office for intimation.

  1.  A symbol of pride

Every loyal employee would love to flaunt his id card as a symbol of pride in belonging to the organization.

  1.  Symbol of Corporate culture

Every professional organization uses the employee id cards to enforce work discipline in its premises. The very fact that your organization has given you an id card just reveals the extent of its efficiency.

ID Cards

An employee Id card is a must for employee identification, visitor verification and vouchers for the organization’s security and integrity. Get employee Id cards online for your staff from the right print specialist to enforce better work culture.

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