Why letterhead is important for your business?

Why letterhead is important for your business?

A letterhead is the face of your company in a letter. All business correspondence happens in hard copy on letterheads. All important business interactions occur on letters printed on letterheads. Essential documents to are preserved on letterheads. So your letterhead must be bold, unique, prominent and eye-catching.

 A letterhead gives the business a professional image. It is the most dominant brand name representing the company in public. A well-designed letterhead creates the perfect impression on the level of professionalism, quality and type of service to be expected from the business by customers and other stakeholders.

Communication lays the foundation for any business. It is the stepping stone for your business to prosper. However, business means professionalism and that is why it is important to communicate through business letterheads. Letterhead printing is essential for your business and letterheads are an important part of your everyday office stationery.

Having a customized letterhead format or template is the most important thing for businesses today and has numerous benefits for your brand. In business, you make communication through personalized letterheads, but when you have them customized you also make relations.

Creative letterheads often lend a unique identity to your company and make it hard to forget. This is why every company must pay attention to the quality of letterhead printing it undertakes for its letterheads and entrust it to a good printing specialist.

Value of Letterheads

Letterheads are invaluable to your company as they

  •     Render respect and status to your company
  •     Create brand identity by carrying your logo
  •     Evoke admiration for your organization
  •     Speak of your business standing and efficiency
  •     Act as bearers of company documentation
  •     Are the physical representation of your enterprise
  •     Play a major role in marketing & promotion

Qualities of an Ideal Letterhead

An ideal letterhead must possess the following features.

  1.    Be bold and impressive
  2.    Have a unique design
  3.    Carry the company’s logo, official address, and contact information
  4.    Bear details like  CIN, TIN, GST etc
  5.    Be printed on superior quality bond paper
  6.    Be of correct size- A4
  7.    Well-designed and artistic.
  8.    Follow the company’s standards in brandings like the placement of the logo, font type, and size etc.
  9.    In line with your company brand collaterals.

Types of Letterheads

Now that you know what are the qualities of an ideal letterhead, it is time to choose among the various types in terms of their color and design. The letterhead printing may be in

  1.     Single Colour
  2.     Multi-Colour
  3.     Embossed
  4.     Foiled
  5.     Die-Cut

Letterheads can also be categorized on the basis of their function as

1. Standard or General Letterheads

A standard or general letterhead is one that is used for all company administrative purposes. It is the common sheet used for all company service purposes, irrespective of their nature. The standard letterhead printing carries

  •      Company logo
  •      Company name & address
  •      Watermark- optional

2. Department Letterheads

A department letterhead is one used by the specific department of the company like accounting, legal, finance etc. This is just like the standard letterhead but with additional information pertaining to that department. Like for instance, an accounts department letterhead may carry company identification number(cin), taxpayer identification number(tin), etc.

An FMCG company may have a wide retail network with distributors and retailers. The letterhead printing for them will be specific carrying their individual logos along with the company logo and brand details.

3. Executive Letterheads

Executive letterheads are specially designed for corporate heads like CEO, CFO, MD etc. They bear the designation of that person, his credentials, his dedicated phone numbers and sometimes his personal contact details.

4. Custom Letterheads

Custom letterheads are used for inter-office communications, memos or presentations. They may carry details of the department head along with the general particulars.

Example of a Company Letterhead

Qualities to look for in High-Quality Letterhead Printing

Printing a letterhead is not to be taken lightly as the letterhead portrays the very image of your organization and has a great impact on its brand equity. When you think of letterhead printing, try to enlist an expert printing specialist like Printstop to provide you with the best of creative letterheads with features like these-

  1. Letterheads should be printed on uncoated paper of premium quality
  2. Different options must be available for stationery used like standard, bond, textured or recycled
  3. There should be a wide range of color options to choose from.
  4. Letterhead printing should come with options for pad binding, compliment slips, door delivery etc.
  5. Your letterhead printing provider must offer pre-defined templates to choose from or allow you to create your own layout.
  6. There should also be options for uploading your images and logos.
  7. Your letterhead printing provider must also offer a special customized design that is tailor-made for your letterhead.
  8. On-time delivery through convenient courier or shipping should be assured by your printing collaterals provider.
  9. Affordable cost with no compromise on quality is what you should look for.
  10. Live support and assistance must be offered by your printing provider.
  11. Printing techniques should be of the best quality using the latest technology.

Make a huge impact on your business by increasing your brand value with your creative letterheads. Get them designed from skilled brand collateral providers like Printstop and watch your letterhead take you ahead in business.

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