Why PrintStop is the Best Indian Logo Design Company

A logo is the stylish symbol that keeps your brand on the go-go!”

Yes, a logo is the standard symbol that reflects your brand’s personality and character. Eye-catching logos have greatly influenced brand promotion through their visual appeal and wide advertising. You may remember our post on logo design and selection. Now, it’s time for one on the actual company.

To design an attractive, alluring and arresting logo, you must choose a good company that offers quality logo design services. Here’s how. 

How to Choose a Logo Design Company

Choosing the best logo design company is as tough as choosing a life partner. Yes! More than your life partner, your logo is the one that is much more visible outside in all media. so care must be taken in choosing the best logo design company based on these factors.

1. Creativity

Your logo must be designed to look bold, impressive and striking. It should be unique, attention-grabbing and easy to recall.  Look for a logo design company which has an innovative team of graphic designers. Assess their earlier work to see if they are really imaginative and resourceful.

2. In line with your objectives

The logo design company must have a clear understanding of your brand, nature of the business, company objectives, an area of operation etc. Brief the logo design company in detail about this and check whether they are able to produce designs conforming to your expectations.

The company should have an approach in line with your business objectives. They must use the relevant letters, typeface, and graphics to adequately express these objectives in your logo.

3. Tech-savvy


Is your logo design company tech-savvy? Are they conversant with the latest trends in graphic designing or are they just stuck with Photoshop?

Technical expertise and It knowledge is very crucial for logo designing as your logo will appear not only in print but also on digital media.

4. Experience


A seasoned logo design company is quick to understand the client and easy to adapt to his needs. Check out whether your logo design company has ample experience in this field.


5. Testimonials & recommendations

Does your logo design company have any testimonials of its great work? Check their background and see if they have any valuable recommendations by checking their credibility on the internet. It helps to hear from other people who have used their services.

6. Awards & recognition

Awards & Recognition

Has your logo design company won any awards or recognition? If so, your logo will have more mileage as they are bound to be popular and will promote your logo as their creation by themselves.

7. Professionalism



Is your logo design company thoroughly professional? Do they follow a professional system of documenting your expectations and guidelines and their samples? Do they give all the logo detailing in documented form as a corporate booklet for use in branding collaterals? If they are not professional, you will face a lot of problems due to unfinished business.

8. Commitment


Being committed to their work and adhering to deadlines is one vital requirement in choosing the right logo design company. If your company is not committed, your branding process or campaigns will be unnecessarily delayed and you will lose out to competition.

9. Customer service

Customer Service


Do you feel comfortable while dealing with your logo design company? Are they friendly, courteous, accommodative and accessible? This is very important as you need to have a long-term professional association with that Company.

10.  Budget-friendly

Choose a logo design company which creates solutions within your budget. A budget-friendly company with several packages and options or one that creates a solution tailor-made to suit your budget is the right one for you.

Those are ten of the points that you should consider, and PrintStop is excellent at all of them.

PrintStop is the Best Indian Logo Design Company

PrintStop is the best Indian logo design company for you due to the following reasons:

a. Dedicated Design Team called Pehchaan
Pehchaan Logo

PrintStop’s dedicated design team aptly named Pehchaan creates innovative logo designs to establish your brand identity. With artistic graphic designers and visualizers, Pehchaan offers premium services at a pocket-friendly pricing.

b. Price Calculator

Price Calculator

PrintStop offers a unique feature called Price Calculator which helps you to estimate your budget and logo spend. this user-friendly option helps you to adjust your budget or your design expectations accordingly.

c. Versatile options

PrintStop offers various packages to suit your budget and needs like:

  • Bronze Package – 3 Concepts / 4 Revisions (7 Business Days)
  • Silver – 5 Concepts / 6 Revisions (10 Business Days)
  • Gold – 8 Concepts / 10 Revisions (12 Business Days)
  • Platinum – 12 Concepts / Unlimited Revisions (15 Business Days)

The best part is they also give you the target deadline within which they will deliver the logo designs. Very convenient, isn’t it?

d. Transparency


PrintStop believes in offering the customer total trust and transparency in their works. right form the price to the target deadline, every detail is available online for you to evaluate.

e. Plethora of Services

PrintStop’s Pehchaan offers creative designing solutions for Office stationery like Letterheads, Envelopes and Visiting cards, Promotional Materials like Brochures, Flyers etc, Publicity Material like Banner Design, Calendars, Booklets more. Once your logo is designed, you can opt for these extended services.

PrintStop is a one-stop shop for all your branding collaterals and needs. With creativity, complete quality and customer satisfaction as our motto, PrintStop is no doubt the best Indian logo design company for you.

Choose one of PrintStop’s privileged services by logging on to the PrintStop website and also take a look at all the products we design for. Call or email us for more.

Email: support@printstop.co.in

Phone: +91 9920905050

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